Labour Students is run on a day-to-day basis by an executive committee, most of whom are elected at the Annual General Meeting.

2015/16 Committee-elect:

Co-Chairs: Rikki Lissaman and Laura Doyle

Secretary: Josh Groves

Treasurer: Lowri Jenkins

Campaign’s Officer: Matthew Lloyd

Social Secretary: Matthew Court

Publicity Officer: Lee Davies

BME Officer: Vanisha Solanki

Women’s Officer: Paige Tracey

LBGTQ Officer: Rosie Booth

Disability Officer: Duncan Paton

Honorary President: Jess Phillips MP

2014/15 Committee:

Co-Chairs: Matthew Lloyd and Francesca Root

Secretary: Emily Juckes

Treasurer: Alistair McIntosh

Campaign’s Officer: Rikki Lissaman

Social Secretary: Kyle O’Callaghan

BME Officer: Humzah Leon Sheikh

Interim Women’s Officer: Catie Garner

Interim LGBTQ Officer: Alex Swanson

Honorary President and BULS Ambassador in Denmark: Rob Parkinson

Honorary Member: Dennis Minnis

2013/14 Committee:

Chair: Alex Swanson

Vice-Chair: Ellis Stacey

Secretary: Joe Armer

Treasurer: Jas Kandola

Campus Campaigns co-ordinator: Mike Grocott

Social Secretary: Stephen Bowcott

Publicity Officer: Rob Parkinson

Local Campaigns co-ordinator: Tarquin Pritchard

An election for the following positions will be held at our next EGM in the autumn 2013 term:

Disabled Students Officer

LGBTQ Officer

Black and Ethnic Minorities (BEM) Students Officer

Freshers’ Officer

BULS have often sent a Mini-Forum Representative to Guild Council in order to better ensure that the views of Labour students are heard at the Guild’s democratic body, the election for this role takes place in the autumn term.

2012/13 Committee

Chair – Catie Garner

Vice-Chair – Ed Gilbert

Secretary – Areeq Chowdhury

Treasurer – Ellis Palmer (until June 2012) Chris Nash (from October 2012)

Communications Officer – Sam Faulding

Website Editor – Alex Swanson

Constituency Labour Party (CLP) Liason Officers – Mike Grocott, Kirat Singh and Jamie Carter

Social Secretary – Dan Lesser

Publicity Officer – Jas Alodnak

Committee 2011/2012 (January 2011-February 2012)

Chair: Dan Harrison

Vice-Chair: Max Ramsay

Secretary: Ollie Cosentino (until November 2011)

Treasurer: Kieran O’Halloran

Website Editor: Simon Furse

Communications Officer: Luke Jones

LGBTQ Officer: Oliver Jackson (until July 2011)

Women’s Officer: Viki Hemmingway (from October 2011)

Committee 2010/2011 (February 2010-January 2011)

Chair: Louise Suen

Vice-Chair: Callum Anderson

Secretary: Jake Lambert

Treasurer: James Arnold

Website Editor: Kieran O’Halloran

Editor of Social Resources: Suzy Robinson

Communications Officer: Oliver Jackson

Women’s Officer: Maisie Meredith

Committee 2009/2010 (March 2009-February 2010)

Chair: Dora Meredith

Vice-Chair: Pippa Calver

Secretary: Jake Lambert (from October 2009)

Treasurer: Mo Shahid

Website Editor: Chris Blewitt (until October 2009); Max Ramsay (from October 2009)

Communications Officer: Oliver Jackson

Women’s Officer: Louise Suen

Known Committee 2008/2009

Chair: Tom Guise

Vice-Chair: Dora Meredith

Secretary: Brigid Jones

Treasurer: Mo Shahid

Campaigns and Membership: Dave Borland

Political Education Officer: Chris Blewitt

Known Committee 2007/2008

Chair: Tom Marley

Vice: Mo Shahid

Secretary: Tom Guise

Treasurer: Brigid Jones

Women’s Officer: Dora Meredith

LGBTQ Officer: Chris Nash

Known Committee 2006/2007

Chair: John Richie

Known Committee 2005/2006

Chair: Chris Bloore

Vice Chair: John Richie

Women’s officer: Alex Baker

Known Committee 2004/2005

Chair: Richard Angell

Vice Chair: Chris Bloore

Secretary: Gareth Williams

Known Committee 2003/2004

Co-chairs: Richard Angell and Gary Hughes