Welcome To Birmingham University Labour Students 2015-2016

Welcome To The University Of Birmingham Labour Students Website.


We have events every Monday at 6pm & we have campaign sessions with MPs every Sunday at 1pm.

Group photo mock election day

Our Events Include:

  • National Labour Students Events: National Campaign Days & Meet The Shadow Cabinet Events
  • Socials – Bowling / Lazer Quest / ‘Campaign & Curry’ Nights
  • Public Debates – Labour vs Tories Policy Debates
  • ‘Pizza & Policy’ Internal Discussions – This House Believes That…
  • Campaign Days – Campaigns With MPs & Campaign Days With Labour Party Parliamentary Candidates
  • Networking Events – What Kind Of Jobs Are Available In Politics? / How To Get Experience In Politics With MPs & Civil Servants ect.
  • ‘Missing Millions’ Campaign – Encouraging Young People To Register To Vote & Engage In Politics
  • Guest Speakers – Shadow Cabinet Members / Jess Phillips MP / Steve McCabe MP / Gisela Stuart MP / Tom Watson MP / Richard Angell / Jack Dromey MP / Lord Liddle / Lord Hunt / Matthew Doyle

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If you would like to join us or be added to the email list please contact us using one of the methods below.

To get in touch by email: labour@guild.bham.ac.uk (this is now our only email address)

You can join our facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/UoBLabour/
Please like our facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/BULSonline & follow us on our @bulsonline twitter account


And the results are in….

In a recent blog from our friends at BUCF the issue of top up fees was introduced.

“Take students for example, you have brought in top up fees and now left the average student crippling under the weight of £20’000 odd worth of debt and the worst graduate prospects since the World War Two…. Why would an average student consider voting Labour based on what your government has done??”

Young Labour, and Labour Students, will always be the fiercest critics of the regressive nature of higher education funding. While it is clear that free education is not on the table under a Labour or Tory government, the top up fee system is a perpetuant of societal inequality.

It is Labour Party members in NUS driving forward the campaign for a fairer funding system. It is a Labour MP (Paul Farrelly) who tabled this Early Day Motion.

The EDM calls for a full review of higher education funding that

“should encompass full consideration of both student support and tuition fees, should aim to ensure that students are supported according to their needs while they study, and that their contribution to the costs of higher education should reflect its true benefits after graduation; considers that the review must recognise that unmanageable levels of debt are bad for both the borrower and the lender, act as a barrier to wider participation in higher education and should be avoided wherever possible; and further believes that it must examine the proper balance of contributions between the state, individuals and employers to ensure that the future funding of higher education is fair for all.”

And it is Labour MPs who are rallying behind this EDM, fighting for a fairer deal for students.

The EDM has 76 signatories

Labour: 49
Liberal Democrat:23
DUP: 1
Independant: 1

Conservative: 2

If your MPs aren’t willing to work with the student movement to demand fairer higher education funding then don’t try and tell us that the average student has any reason to vote Conservative.
Hollie Jones, BULS member

Sick of Smeargate? I am!

My response to the BBC News twitterfeed was less than polite this afternoon- BORING! Can we hear something new please?

But my real issue is the way we have handled the issue as a Party. Collectivism, an ideal that supposedly forms the foundation of our politics is in severe question, with Labour loyalty nowhere to be seen. Our strength lies behind the vacuous Tory Party manifesto, which provides no basis or legitimacy to attack Labour policy. “Smeargate” has given the Conservatives a much sought after gift- grounds on which to lawfully critique our Party.

Well if “smeargate” was a gift then the Tories must think that Christmas has come early! Party members proudly jumping at the opportunity to say their piece, feeding the monster that is the media and playing into the hands of our opponents, ensuring that one foolish mistake is worthy of the front page day after day after day.

Well today is day 5- and I have had enough!

With the general election looming, and the European elections on our doorsteps now is not the time for naval gazing and petty infighting is not an option. We need to build a bridge and get over it, stand shoulder to shoulder once again and only by doing this will we secure a historic fourth term.

Hollie Jones is a BULS member

BULS hits double

BULS has been undergoing some difficulty following the shameless theft of its domain name, but we knew we could rely on Brigid Jones to pull us back. Since Jones returned to the blogging scene two days ago, our daily hits have doubled.

Some BULS members say the power has gone to her head. One member, who asked to remain anonymous, said “All she goes on about now is the figures. She thinks she’s some kind of saviour; as Chair I find this very worrying.”

Others have suggested she is just goading the crowd. “Brigid has always had a flair for creating controversey, and it bothers me”, said Dave Borland, occasional blogger. “I think we should be more of a news relaying service; uncontroversial news, obviously. Jones just spoils it for the rest of us.”

Accusations about her mental stability have been flying around too, after she declared a like for both the Muirhead Tower and Birmingham Central Library. Many members have expressed relief that she will be off the committee soon.

As for wether the Brigid Bounce will continue, only time will tell. It is rumoured there will be a BULS relaunch, coming soon…

A Night Less Ordinary

Today sees the launch of “A Night Less Ordinary”, the free theatre scheme for those young people (under 26) across the country. “A Night Less Ordinary” was announced at Party conference back in September, by Andy Burnham, Secretary of State for Culture Media and Sport. Hundreds of theatres nationwide have joined the scheme and approximately 618,000 tickets will be available. Burnham said

“Labour has always believed in making the best in life available to everyone. We all know how a visit to the theatre can be a life-changing experience, and it’s incredibly exciting to imagine our theatres full to bursting point with young people.”

Eddie Izzard and Kevin Spacey have come out in support of the scheme (Insert) Video eddie izzard and kevin spacey ->  Eddie Izzard said

“I think free theatre tickets for young people is a great idea, especially as things are getting tough financially right now. I am very pleased that the Labour Party has launched this scheme for under 26 year olds. We have a great British theatrical tradition and I hope people take advantage of this offer.”

For more information on the scheme please visit: www.anightlessordinary.org.uk

Hollie Jones, BULS member and Guild Vice President Welfare