The old fetish

Chris Riddell 11 December 2011

Friday was the day the old fetish returned. The day Cameron delved into nostalgia. And the day he set Britain at odds not only with the other 26 EU member states, but rationality itself.

What we saw on Friday was a Prime Minister with his hands tied by dogmatic backbench MPs. But not to worry, it seems Cameron had unveiled his all powerful ‘veto’. The only problem with this is that it’s not a true veto of any sorts. Negotiations will still be ongoing, the remaining 26 EU states will still formulate an agreement and Britain will not be present to have any say in the talks.

This is catastrophic failure for Cameron who has severed any attempts to help salvage the Euro which is not only in the EU’s interest but vital in Britain’s interests. In the words of a Facebook update by my own brother:

Tory lol. Blame the economic problems on the Euro crisis, then veto the plan to save it knowing full well that the the EU will cut you out and essentially get rid of any say you have in determining the future of Europe, and by extension, Britain

Some may call it Bulldog spirit, I’d like to call it naively dogmatic.



One comment on “The old fetish

  1. trust me max it wont be all 26 countries I reckon at least 1 of hungary, sweden and the chechs will vte agaist it, the irish have come out today and said that they dont imagine britian will be eculded and that they will probably have to have a referendm on it which will almost certianly turn out to be a no vote, finland and the dutch are going to their parliments, this will collapse before it has started I reckon. Plus some of the commenetators are saying that why is it the UK seems to be the only country to have decided to keep democray and national soverginty, as all the countries that do sign up to it will lose some

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