I’m not sorry

The personal is political, and never more so than on the issue of abortions. What can be more political than a debate which includes facilitates the inclusion of gender, religion, age, class, nationality and health? And, not to put too fine a point on it, what can be more personal than what goes on inside a womb?

I’m so pro-choice that I’m literally incensed about having to describe myself as such, with the alternative implied by the term. And I’m sick of a moral case being made by the “pro life” side which is supposed to have all sexually active women cowering in shame.

In a society that sets great store by scientists that show us exactly how to make perfect babies, and politicians that tell us exactly how to have stable families, surely the biggest pre-requisite for producing healthy children is for the mother to want it in the first place, because no amount of scientific development or government programme can ever supercede parental love.

In the 21st century quality of life is to be favoured over quantity. Rather than having more babies we should be spending more time and attention on the ones that are born, and the ones that we want to have. Choosing the time and father are essential, unquestionable rights for women. The most moral thing to do is to defend abortion rights.

But the coalition is making very worrying noises….



10 comments on “I’m not sorry

  1. Sean Woodcock says:

    My own personal view is that abortion as a form of contraception is abhorrent. I cannot think of any reason why I would support or ask for an abortion of my own child and I personally could not sanction one.

    However, I believe there are circumstances when abortion is a lesser evil (cases of rape, in situations where a child may be brought into circumstances of deprivation or abuse). As a result, whilst I feel the laws around abortion and the timeframe for it have to be carefully monitored and regulated, despite my personal aversion to abortion, I think the state has to legislate and allow for abortion as there are very real and sad circumstances where it is preferable to a mother giving birth.

  2. Suzy says:

    There are LOADS of “very real and sad cases where it is preferable to a mother giving birth”. It’s “abhorrent” if the mother or father really want the baby, but not under any other circumstances that I can think of.

    I think of it in the same way as sex – it’s great if both parties want it, it’s criminal if one doesn’t.

  3. Sean Woodcock says:

    Suzy, I largely agree with you. I do, however, have a nervousness to abortion as a method of contraception which I am not going to shy away from.

  4. Tony says:

    Hello buls, your blog is pretty rubbish, keep up the good work. Cheers

  5. Sean Woodcock says:


  6. Suzy says:

    I’d like to have people explain their attacks – because they seem to be mainly against my posts. I dunno if you think women’s issues are trivial, or if I just write badly, but Tony it’d be nice to have some real comments.

  7. Tony says:

    Do a real blog and you get real comments.


  8. Thanks mate, nice to know you came back at least, and helped me up the viewing stats for this piece.

    Also Sean I agree, but I have to say – it’s pretty hard to actually use it as a method of contraception. Even if we’re assuming that women can only get pregnant one week per month, cases like Madonna’s would imply that she’s only had intercourse 44 times in her life.

  9. Jack Matthew says:

    “Do a real blog and you get real comments.” When have you ever done that?

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